Rexy Edventures

Author: | Last Updated: 25 Jun 2017

Rexy Edventures

Founded in October 2011, Rexy Edventures is the near-eponymous blog of UK travel blogger Ed Rex. Though he is profoundly deaf, Ed does not let this hinder his travelling, instead choosing to use his blog to discuss his condition in the hope of inspiring others and raising awareness of deaf travelers. Adventurous and humorous – he talks of his blog chronicling the ‘Adventures of a Deaf and Handsome Luxury Backpacker Travelling the Unexpected’ – Ed truly is an inspiration to travelers from all walks of life.

Though, naturally, a number of his posts concern his condition, such as ‘Is Dusseldorf Barrier Free for people with deafness and hearing loss?’ which offers insight to other deaf people as to just how deaf-friendly the city is, there are a multitude of posts to interest each and every traveler. The ‘Hue to Hanoi Bus: The survival guide’ post is particularly interesting, regardless of whether you plan to take that journey or not.

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