Restless Nomad Syndrome

Author: | Last Updated: 11 Feb 2018

Restlest Nomad Syndroome - travel blog

Kyle Cash, the blogger behind ‘Restless Nomad Syndrome’, is a 27-year-old American from a small town in Ohio. The ‘travel bug’ first bit him when he studied abroad for a semester in Spain. Upon his return to the States, he immediately began trying to find a way to go back overseas. After five years of working various jobs, he realized this wasn’t for him and he packed up with his girlfriend, quit their jobs, and went to Thailand. He has been backpacking Southeast Asia for the last year and aims to provide insight into his experiences, as well as tips and tricks.

Kyle’s blog is still new and he’s working hard to put out more content. He’s written about treks in a national park in Vietnam and the fun of experiencing Angkor Wat with what seemed like half of China’s population. For a good laugh, give his stories a read.

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