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Author: | Last Updated: 9 Jul 2019

Eileen Cotter Wright is a freelance travel writer, blogger and content strategist. She publishes Pure Wander for savvy travelers and Crooked Flight for adventurous females and couples. Both are popular blogs in the US, UK and beyond with a collective 75,000+ followers on social media.

Some of Eileen’s travels include journeys through North America, Central America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Oceania and Europe. She currently resides between Boston, MA and London, UK. By far her favorite place to roam is southern Spain and her future dream trips are exploring India and Japan. Hobbies include podcasts and yoga. Eileen can’t say no to a great glass of wine.

Pure Wander covers worldwide experiences about ‘traveling together’ for a mid-to-luxury range audience. From multi-generational and family trips to girlfriend getaways and baby boomer vacations, it’s all about the tips and logistics of traveling in packs.

Crooked Flight is more a personal blog about staying mindful and well while on the road. It covers high-end female travel adventures, fitness/wellness guides, mental health, food/drink, London expat life and more.

Eileen loves to chat, so reach out anytime to talk travel!

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