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Author: | Last Updated: 2 Sep 2016

Pommie Travels | Travel Blog

When Victoria left university in 2008, she decided to answer to no one and start her adult life traveling as her own boss. From this determination, Pommie Travels was born. An inspiration herself, Victoria lends her experience to the blog and writes guides of all sorts.

Pommie Travels is well organised and makes finding what you need easy—each bold heading is a link to various topics. In “Travel Tips,” readers can find a list of the top 9 things to consider, such as “The ultimate list of the best apps for travel” and “How to choose travel insurance.” Simply click down the list to gain all of the knowledge you need to begin travelling. An entire page of travel guides (listed out by destination) are written exactly like a guide book, making it absolutely impossible not to find all of the information you could want or need for a holiday in that country.

Though the origin of the word “pommie” is a bit unknown, it generally means “a British person esp. a recent immigrant.” The name suits the blog perfectly as it follows Victoria’s travels around the world as she becomes “a recent immigrant” in new places. Pommie Travels encourages others to follow the same path, and to seek happiness in their passions over conforming to society’s norm. The guidance provided in Pommie Travels can help anyone do just that.

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