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Author: | Last Updated: 21 Aug 2018

Polkadot Passport - travel blog

Nicola takes you on a visual journey along the more than 40 places she has been to. She’s 23 years old, Australia born and bred, and an avid traveler since age 19, when she took her first solo trip to Europe. Her blog was born out of a wish to share unique, bucket-list experiences, travel guides, and to inspire everyone to explore the world. Now, it has grown to be featured in major travel publications and was afforded the 2017 Global Youth Travel Awards.

Her background as a photographer makes the images a key attribute to the blog. When browsing in the “Destinations” tab, you’re able to travel through Denmark, Uganda, Hong Kong, and Tahiti, among others. Polkadot Passport also features a “Photography Tips” section and a quick guide to starting a travel blog – which come in handy if you’re considering following Nicola’s footsteps.

Australian Travel Blogger: polkadotpassport.com

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