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Author: | Last Updated: 9 Jul 2016

Pinoy Adventurista - Travel Blog

This travel blog began as a detailed chronicle of a mountain climber’s perilous exploits through the dense and dynamic ecosystems of the Philippines has slowly evolved into a dynamic online source of travel guides, climbing tips, and more. Pinoy Adventurista, as he calls himself, was first just an adventure junkie keeping a journal of his travels. Eventually, however, his stories became a roadmap of all his great country had to offer, encouraging people to discover and travel the Philippines.

The amount of information this travel blog presents on the Philippines is truly amazing. With an impressive list of over eighty destinations within the Philippine country, this site is essential for any adventurer looking to visit. The country of the Philippines is made up of more than seven thousand islands, and this site seems to classify each and every spot worth traveling to. But it doesn’t just stop there, Pinoy also has an impressive list of international destinations outside of the Philippine borders.

Probably one of the most interesting aspects of this site is its focus on climbing and hiking trips. While there are also unique sections centered on food and specific festivals, the huge list of hiking-centric trips makes this site a climbers paradise. But whether you are a mountain climber, or just an adventure junkie like our travel blogger Pinoy himself, this site will be sure to help you find your inner “Adventurista”. Like in the Philippines, there are countless adventures waiting for you, all it takes is the desire to go (and a detailed plan made by a experienced professional doesn’t hurt either).

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