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Author: | Last Updated: 9 Aug 2016

Peanuts or Pretzels - Travel Blog

The authors of travel blog Peanuts or Pretzels, Josh and Liz, met on a fated coffee date that led to multiple coffee dates around the world. In 2014, they quit their jobs, sold almost everything they owned and pursued their traveling passions. They decided to start writing about it and from that Peanuts or Pretzels was born.

Peanuts or Pretzels has flourished into complete travel guides, like “Disney World for Adults.” It is chock-full of travel tips and organized from a travel-planning perspective. Josh and Liz aim to give readers tips on budgeting, planning, and executing trips to all of the places they have visited. They have written a how-to called “Save Money on Your Next Vacation with Geocaching #TravelCaching.” The post discusses their inventive mix of travel and geocaching, which allows them to do a bit of free exploring while still having a focused goal. They also mix in tales of their own adventures along with compilations of their Pinterest Inspirations.

Primarily, the Peanuts or Pretzels travel blog focuses on equipping travelers with the information they need to begin planning their world endeavors. They will even consult on travel or completely plan trips if requested by a reader. If you are a DIY-er, they have excellent information on everything from flights to travel insurance to get you started.

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