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Author: | Last Updated: 21 Mar 2018

Oneika The Traveller - travel blog

Oneika Raymond is the voice behind Oneika The Traveller, a blog mainly – but not solely –  dedicated to inspiring women and people of color to see the world. She was born in Toronto, is currently based in New York, and has spent the past few years visiting over 100 countries, as a way to feed her passion for cultures and language. Her endeavours have eventually led her to host two Travel Channel web series, as well keeping her own blog up to speed.

Her list of countries is huge; one can dare say she has been to every country in Europe. Among other distinguishing features of Oneika The Traveller, is the “Travelling While Black” section, which consists of a compilation of tips, guides, and opinion pieces. She writes in a very straightforward tone and has discussed the topic of relationships on the road a couple of times.

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