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Author: | Last Updated: 1 Jul 2016

Onestep4ward is a personal travel blog created by an Irish guy, Johnny Ward. The blog is an auxiliary of JW Global Limited. Johnny Ward was born in Galway and grew up with his family in Northern Ireland. He spent the first 18 years of his life in Ireland and later fled to a university in England where he earned a degree in International Economics. Johnny had no financial supporter; so he traveled to the US to find a job on summer camps, but got broke again and eventually started an online business. It was when Johnny later traveled to Australia while working in an office that he started the Onestep4ward blog. He then founded a digital media company ( Altogether, Johnny has travelled to 193 countries within the space of ten years and it is his goal to visit all of the countries in the world by autumn or fall before the end of 2016.

Johnny’s articles and posts have been a source of motivation and encouragement for several people. Many people have attested to the fact that his articles are great and are indeed very true. “Travel, love, and heartbreaking” was an interesting article written by Johnny which talks about the necessities of getting one’s lifestyle in order and loving it. The travel blog features many other interesting items including motivational articles, Inspirational quotes, Travel articles, Travel stories, Travel tips, Making Money Overseas and lots more. The blog also has a section which contains interesting locations that Johnny has been too and the amazing things he experienced there which includes: climbing of Kilimanjaro, Hiking to Everest Base Camp, stayed in the slums of Bangladesh and lots more.

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