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Author: | Last Updated: 27 Aug 2019

Hi, I’m Randy and I blog at On the Write Foot. I have been traveling since I was a boy and On the Write Foot is where I share some of my travel experiences. I have been to more than 20 countries (lived in 2) and more than 30 of the states in the United States. There are still plenty more on my list, though. My main travel interests these days are cultural travel, family travel, solo travel and mid-life travel.

Aside from being an avid traveler, I am also a writer – no, not just my blog. I am a creative writer with a handful of publishing credits for my poetry and fiction. I have also studied Communication academically. So, the art of writing and the science of digital marketing are both part of the On the Write Foot experience.

Whether I’m writing about my favorite destinations, travel tips, or how-to posts on how to write and market your own content, On the Write Foot is meant to inform and inspire.

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