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Author: | Last Updated: 31 Aug 2016

Nomadic Notes | Australian Travel Blogger

James Clark has been a traveller since 2003 and an Australian travel blogger since 2009, when he moved from Melbourne to the U.K. on a work visa and began life as a nomad. Though still Australian on legal documentation, he has no permanent residence and spends his days travelling around the world, running his media business, and updating Nomadic Notes from his laptop in cafes across the globe.

Nomadic Notes hits a perfect chord for anyone debating long-term travel or simply exploring a new destination. Readers can find feature pieces such as “A tour of the slums of Mumbai,” where James outlines his walk through the slums on a directed tour. Nomadic Notes also has a few posts such as “A self-guided tour of Banksy in London” that allow travellers to follow along an exact route without a tour guide. Reviews on flights, travel gear, hotels, and more are readily available. For each destination, James writes an overview, cleverly dubbed his “Notes” on that specific city or country.

Nomadic Notes pulls readers away from the traditional tourist destinations featured on many Australian travel blogs and follows a path less travelled. Beyond the amazing depth and span of blog posts on the site, an entire resource page includes James’ favourite places to find information and travel guides on dozens of destinations.


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