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Meet Alesha and Jarryd – The adventure couple behind the hugely successful travel blog Nomadasaurus. This couple both enjoyed traveling before they got together in Vancouver in 2008, in a hostel of all places! Jarryd had traveled around Fiji, Canada, and the US, and Alesha ad explored Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. From that hostel in Vancouver, their relationship developed and they embarked upon some monumental journeys including a 40,000km road trip of Canada. Before their blog was born, this couple had already traveled for 5 years, but Nomadasaurus is now a popular site that offers some amazing info and stories about adventure travel.

As previously mentioned, Lesh and Jazza embarked on an epic Canadian road trip in an old Chevy Van, they have also traveled overland from Shangri-La to Chengdu, took the famous Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth and also toured Southeast Asia on motorbikes. If you are looking for truly monumental journeys and advice on how to undertake them, Nomadasaurus is the number one blog to visit. Here you can read about Alesha and Jarryd’s unbelievable journeys and find useful tips on anything travel related from Couchsurfing to the best adventure gear.

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