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While there are a number of travel blog duos, usually couples who met abroad with similar interests that decided to start a blog, Samantha and Yeison are unique in that their blog is as much about inspiring fledgling travers as it is about their own adventure as a multiracial couple living in Costa Rica. Samantha is an Expat from the states, and Yeison is a native Costa Rican, and together they have created a website which chronicles their adventures as partners, and adventure junkies. They explain travel as the foundation of their relationship, holding them together, and hope to impart the same feeling travel gives them to all of their readers.

The bulk of this website is centered on travel through the rich and dynamic ecosystems of Costa Rica. The Costa Rica travel guide is chalk full of interesting facts, local recipes, national parks, and a detailed list of things to do in their country. What is perhaps the most interesting is that you can read about their experiences from the perspective of a new visitor, Samantha, who moved there in 2010, or from Yeison a local of 100% Costa Rican descent.

This site also features fairly detailed guides of a number of other countries around the world such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. So whether you are looking for Costa Rican travel advice, or a unique take on traveling somewhere else, take a moment to check out the articles on My Tan Feet.

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