My Own Way To Travel

Author: | Last Updated: 22 Mar 2018

I’m Nafisa Habib from Bangladesh, basically, I’m a solo traveler and also nature lover. I prefer to visit and explore new destinations from local to international. Anything natural and peaceful catch my attention. So, often I love to explore the natural beauty around us to stay a bit away from the busy city life.

I found many travelers travel around and also share their stories and tips to the world through travel blogging. Then I thought why not me? And so 2 years back on 4th March I started my own travel blog My Own Way To Travel. The reason I selected this name is to focus the word ‘Your Own Way’. Here in my country, I found many don’t care especially women to their own thought and dream. They just live on other choices. Don’t dare to travel alone to see the world which also helps to build your inner voice and self-confidence. Isn’t it? And so I’m working on my blog to pursue my longtime dream to see the world even it means to be alone.

I believe traveling can be enjoyable even from your own country. There is a lot to see around, a lot to know and learn the local culture and tradition no matter where you are from or where you travel. Traveling should be for good purposes and motivational as well.

My solo travel blog is to inspire travel even it means to be alone. Here I mostly share my own travel experiences, tips, and also make videos during my trip. I love to inspire and motivate peoples with the best through my journey by exploring local culture, tradition, food, and beauty around.

My first international solo travel started from Nepal. I was so scared before the trip and thought so many bad things will happen, but I was so wrong. Till now wherever I visited I found a lot of support and love from locals. I realized traveling alone is much more fun and the cons are really very little. If you want, you can travel alone and definitely it is possible. Trusting is the main factor when you travel alone, and you have to know how smartly you can maintain it with new peoples on the road.

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