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Author: | Last Updated: 29 Oct 2016

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When Cathy Winston became pregnant, she refused to trade her suitcase for a pushchair; instead she turned her award-winning travel blog into a family travel blog dedicated to a continued life of travel with a toddler in tow. Now the blog’s tagline asks the question, “Can you really keep travelling with a child in tow?” and the rest of the posts give a resounding “Yes.”

Mummy Travels has an entire section dedicated to how you can travel with a child. “The beginner’s guide to travel with a baby” points out that planning and packing are half the battle. The post discusses the best food and drink items to bring, plus gives tips on how many toys and accessories meet the essentials without causing you to be overpacked. “How to beat jetlag with a baby or child” delves into how you can battle the hardships of jetlag by adjusting schedules, drinking plenty of water, and picking flights carefully, amongst other tips.

While Cathy—as a seasoned family travel blogger—is the first to say that travelling with a toddler is not simple, she also reiterates that it is not impossible and can be a truly rewarding experience. She proves that you do not have to give up your wanderlust to have a family.

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