Mr and Mrs Romance

Author: | Last Updated: 13 Sep 2016

Mr and Mrs Romance | Australian Travel Bloggers

Jim and Christina became Mr. and Mrs. Romance in 2000 and transitioned into a dynamic Australian travel blogging duo shortly thereafter. Developing the blog around their different (and shared) passions, it has grown into an easy-to-navigate and fun read. They talk travel, wine and dining, and lifestyle while leaving room for advice on their blogging life and on life in general.

An entire section entitled “He Said, She Said” plays up their different takes on movies, adventures, relationships, and more. Jump to the “Travel Romance” page and find a couple’s “7 Best Things to Eat in Byron Bay, Australia” and “15 Ways to Survive Airport Delays.” Then check out “Life and Style” to discover “5 Ways to Keep Your Bromance Alive” and other lifestyle topics. As you follow their journeys, you can definitely relate with your own. Since one of Christina’s passions is photography, each of Jim’s cleverly written posts is accompanied by gorgeous scenes.

The motto of these Australian travel bloggers is “together.” From the looks of Mr. and Mrs. Romance, it serves them well and creates a blog with a wonderful blend of interesting writing, helpful advice on travel, life, and love, and the perfect hint of personality.


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