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Author: | Last Updated: 15 Apr 2017

Monkeys and Mountains - travel blog

Canadian travel writer Laurel Robbins, lives in Germany with her husband and 2 cats. She is passionate about exploration and adventure, particularly when it comes to escaping into the mountains. Believing that a visit to the mountains can be a solution for almost anything. She encourages her readers to live by this truth, seeking the adventure in the unknown. The trip that changed it all for her involved diving in to the deep with hundreds of hammerhead sharks. I mean, this isn’t the trip for everyone, but if you are looking for something exciting, Laurel will give you some hints on how to travel well.

Laurels blog ‘A Beautiful Easy Hike on Mount Olympus in Greece That You’ll Love’ shows off the breathtaking sights of the nature around, and if you make it to the top, it may be a whole different sort of breathtaking. She combines the beauty of Mount Olympus with a little bit of Greek history which makes the hike a whole lot more exciting. She provides a link on where to book the hiking tour that she did, this gives you the confidence to hike if you are not used to going it alone.

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