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Author: | Last Updated: 5 Nov 2016

Mini Travellers - Family Travel Blog

Karen and her husband have been family travel blogging for years as they travel the world with their three kids (all under four years old). Primarily, this UK-based family has travelled all over the different regions of England, Wales, and Scotland but their reach extends into Europe and the United States as well. The blog covers day trips, general tips, and how to get “Me Time” when travelling with your family.

Hundreds of articles cover the different locations with everything from family festivals to free things to do in various cities to finding childcare to get some free time while travelling in Europe. In fact, Mini Travellers is so packed with information it is hard to choose just one topic. Start in your favourite area of England and pan out from there… there is plenty of information, fun pictures, and inspiration to be found.

This family travel blog website makes it simple to find the best activities and places to visit with your family in the UK and beyond. Mini Travellers is another shining example of how to continue travelling with kids by focusing your travels around them and keeping your itineraries simple and fun-filled.

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