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Amanda decided to create a travel blog that would truly inspire readers through her and her husbands family recipes. It was also a way for her as a young mom to reach out with the everyday challenges and triumphs of parenting in a cross-cultured relationship. With a love of family, food and traveling, their adventures began as a family returning to Morocco. As they continue to fall more in love with the culture and food all over again, Amanda ensures that we are welcomed into their family to join them on this culinary adventure, experiencing all that Morocco has to offer.

A blog that really stood out was ‘How to convince the world is it ok to travel to Iran’ was a very interesting article about not taking what you hear in the media as truth. Iran has much to offer and it often has its reputation tarnished by the acts of individuals or groups within the country. The blog encourages you to do your research and know some facts before you make a decision to avoid the beauty of Iran. The photos within the blog show off Iran in all of its glory, it definitely looks like it is worth a visit.

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