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Marcando El Polo | Travel Blog

Marcando El Polo is the travel blog of the zealous Colombian couple: Dani and Jota, both studied the tourism bachelor on 2008 and been traveling since 2009. They seek the most exotic destinations refrained as possible from the touristic standards located in Asia and Oceania.

Their rapturous chart of traveled destinations include New Zealand, Samoa, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia (Borneo), Brunei, Fiji, Italia, Vatican City, Switzerland, France, Philipines, Singapur, Malays, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Kazajistan, Kirguistan, Tayikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaiyan, Iran, Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh, Georgia, Abjasia & Turkey.

They share a brief but passionate angle about every corner of the oriental east they’ve been to. Some of the high points are”we’ve arrived to Turkey! Chronicles of a dream come true”, that enunciates their nearly 3 year long pilgrimage through 24 territories of Asia done by autostop, and “the best things of life are free… what about the better ones?“, a meditation about the importance of getting a minimalist mindset about life to become truly happy that was inspired by the high materialism that is everyday news in Korea & the very efficient take on the classic Q&A’s about any travel related concern heighten by stories about their own experiences as well as in depth hacks for documentation and visa arrangements.

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