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Author: | Last Updated: 22 Oct 2020

We are Kalum & Hemi, the creators of the Magnificent Sri Lanka travel blog. We were blessed to be born and grew up in the lovely paradise of Sri Lanka. After our graduation from University, we moved to Japan for our post-graduate studies, where we lived for eight years. Next, we moved to Singapore and worked there for two years as researchers. During these journeys, we met a lot of new friends, with whom we shared our experiences and wonderful things about Sri Lanka. After moving back to Sri Lanka, we decided to start the Magnificent Sri Lanka travel blog in 2020. Our aim is helping the independent travelers to enjoy Sri Lanka as same as a local, through the first-hand information by sharing our local knowledge of the country.

Magnificent Sri Lanka is a collection of the best Sri Lanka travel information. It focuses on every aspect of the Sri Lankan Life, including travel tips, food, city guides, hotel offers, and many more. You can learn everything about great Sri Lankan culture, delicious food, the best beaches, and also amazing wildlife. We want to take you off the beaten path and give you the opportunity to enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of the country during your visit to this paradise island.

The world travel category includes our experiences while we were living in Japan and Singapore. We had a goal of visiting as much as wonderful places in those countries. Therefore, we have a big collection of lovely pictures taken in Japan and Singapore. We visited many ancient temples in Kyoto, and also enjoyed lovely cherry blossom in Japan. In Singapore, we visited Sentosa, Merlion Park, Marina Bay, and many more wonderful places. World travel is the page where we share these sweet memories for your travel inspiration. For more travel information visit the Magnificent Sri Lanka travel blog or social media.

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