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Author: | Last Updated: 1 Aug 2016

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The Legal Nomads travel blog follows the life of ex-lawyer, Jodi Ettenberg, who rejected the corporate world in 2008 and has let her taste buds take control and lead her around the world. Her blog began simply as a way to tell stories of her travels, but after 7 years in existence, now focuses on how food affects culture, history, and our experience of it. She discusses her decision to quit her job and become a world traveler and gives advice to others who would like to do the same.

As you would expect from a lawyer, Jodi has stayed extremely organized throughout her travels. She has dabbled in blog writing, photography, opening a Legal Nomad’s shop, and finishing a book (The Food Traveler’s Handbook)—all the while taking detailed notes to share with her blog followers. Due to her diligence, Legal Nomad’s now has a huge “World Travel Resources” page stocked with all the knowledge a traveler could want on pre-trip planning, packing, budgeting, travel hacks, technology, safe eating, and solo female travel.

On top of all this, she shares her secrets behind becoming a Legal Nomad. An entire series of blogs, named “Thrillable Hours” explores alternative careers for lawyers. Other blog series include a set of “Gluten Free Guides” to help those with dietary restrictions still enjoy the local cuisine. If you love food, travel, or both, Jodi has it covered on Legal Nomad.

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