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Author: | Last Updated: 1 Mar 2017

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Andrew and Lauren have been inseparable since their freshman year in college and in 2015, took the plunge and tied the knot. Both partners have had a desire to see the world from a young age, and indeed they studied abroad together before ultimately quitting their jobs in 2016 to take an epic world tour. Their aim is simple – To travel the world without constraints and to experience different cultures. To do this they laid out a careful plan and used some impressive saving techniques together with additional work on the road. Lebrun’s On the Run contains an awesome amount of detail including a daily journal (yes they actually did it every day!) and advice on how to save for your travels.

During their travels, Lauren and Andrew have certainly experienced a great deal of what the world has to offer – They have snorkeled around the waters of the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, tasted wine fresh from Vineyards in Alsace, France and visited the fantastic European Christmas Markets in Austria. Their travel blog showcases their photography and travel stories, and their love for each other is clear to see. Moreover, you can find a host of important travel tips including how they saved a whopping $11,000 in just 6 months to help fund their travels.

Travel Blog: lebrunsontherun.com

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