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Author: | Last Updated: 10 May 2018

Lavender Vines - Horseshoe Bend

Hi! I’m Tiffany, the face behind the faith-based travel blog, Lavender Vines. My passion for travel seems to have been with me from birth and between 2010 and 2018 I have now traveled to 54 countries and all 50 United States. But I can’t stop there, there’s so much more to see and explore!

My journey truly started in 2010 when I booked a one-way ticket to Barcelona, Spain after college. I was determined to live there (without speaking the language or having a proper visa) and to see as much of Europe as I could. Thankfully doors began to open, and my dreams became a reality when I landed a job as an au pair. While living in Spain, I traveled as often as I could. I was so inspired by the different languages, cultures, foods, and architecture, I soaked it all in like a sponge. Instead of getting travel out of my system, I was hooked!

I started planning how I could see more of the world, later ticking off major bucket list items like hiking Machu Picchu, seeing the Giza Pyramids of Egypt, and backpacking Southeast Asia for 4 months.

It never occurred to me to begin a travel blog until friends encouraged me to share my travel tips and city guides. I decided that it would also be a great platform to simultaneously share my faith in a real and authentic way, so in 2017 Lavender Vines was born!

I would love it if you followed along with me! My favorite is sharing budget travel tips because I am a firm believer that everyone can and should travel, and I can help you do it. J

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Lavender Vines - Tiffany Nicole

Lavender Vines – Tiffany Nicole

Lavender Vines - travel blog

Lavender Vines – travel blog

Lavender Vines - Moraine Lake

Lavender Vines – Moraine Lake

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