Lapping Oz

Author: | Last Updated: 26 Nov 2020

Lapping up Australian way of life and touring Oz in our pop top” is how this family of four enjoy life. Family bloggers enjoying travel around Australia, they have perfected distance education for children Jett and Skye and have learned how to make a pop camper work for a family of four over the last two years. Their goal is to share their experiences with others interested in travelling around Australia, whether that’s living on the road or just taking a soothing vacation.

Lapping Oz is full of great tips, tricks and videos about places to see and stay, things to do, and how-to’s about the camping and caravanning life. There are also articles about how to renovate your camper and videos of the many places they have visited. Plus, their “Plan” section offers some great FAQs for anyone interested in taking up the caravanning life, travel checklists and guides to some of the best places to see in Australia.

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