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Author: | Last Updated: 28 Jul 2016

Lapiz Nomada | Travel Blog

Andrea Bergareche is a Spanish traveler, artist and creator of the Lapiz Nomada travel blog. Her creative work includes tattoo making while on travel, online art gallery, designs under commission and online store. She’s also performed murals of all kind across Mexico, Ecuador, Spain and Argentina, some of them can be seen in the gallery.

So far she has set foot in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia Paraguay, Mexico, Spain, Finland and USA.

Her goal is to inspire potential independent travelers who also want to find themselves while on journey, with low cost methods and that also need to try an alternate, creative way. The resources she makes available include some motivation stories, fun facts entries as “what you didn’t knew about the met of New York”, varied travel guides of her visited destinations with local non-turistic jewels to visit like “the free art guide for Mexico city”, travel tips alike “autostop for women”, “how to make tattoos on the road”, “how to raise money for a long trip”, “working as a volunteer throughout the world”, as well as the classic low cost/free guides about lodging, transportation, money making, travel insurance, travel maps and more with links as a bonus.

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