Kiwis Off Course

Author: | Last Updated: 21 Nov 2018

Originally from New Zealand, this couple-led blog is Bianca and Brett’s way of sharing their experiences on how to be constantly motivated to see the world and do extraordinary things. It all started after they moved to London, made a bucket list, and set off to travel around Europe. Soon, they covered the old continent and were officially bitten by the so-called travel bug.

The blog features some fun photography, as well as very useful and more practical information: From “The Best Travel Apps We Actually Use” to “Open a coconut without a knife”. In the “Adventures” section, they detail some of their most adventurous trip highlights and day tours – quite a handy set of tips if you’re planning, for example, to trek to Macchu Picchu or go for a camel ride in the Indian desert.

New Zealand travel blogger:

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