Kavey Eats

Author: | Last Updated: 21 Oct 2020

Kavey Eats is the food and travel blog of food fanatic Kavita Favelle, who loves to travel the world, and immerse herself in local cultures by trying their foods. Born and living in London, freelance business analyst Kavey has been travelling for 25 years, and blogging about it since 2009. She often travels with her husband, who has his own blog: Pete Drinks. The pair have visited Argentina, Botswana, Iceland, Japan and Lebanon, to name a few!

The blog reviews restaurants and other eating experiences from Kavey’s adventures around the world, with a spotlight on area specific food products and recipes. Her international culinary curiosity explores a plethora of tasty dishes, from the North Italian Grana Padano and Prosciutto ham, to Scandinavian small plates in Sweden’s Stockholm.

Travel Blog: kaveyeats.com

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