K Is For Kani

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Feb 2018

K Is For Kani - Aussie travel bloggers

Inspired by all things bright and beautiful, Connie Cao is the creative soul behind ‘K is for Kani’. Although being based in Melbourne, this Australian blogger makes it her mission to explore and discover all that is around her.

Now if the name ‘Connie Cao’ rings a bell it is because back in 2016 you would have seen her grace our television screens. She travelled to Taiwan with a few other global bloggers with the Discovery Channel. Not only does she write about travel, but also style and in fact has a shop online where you can purchase her floral inspired headpieces. She is an absolute force to be reckoned with and has some major fashion and travel brands to back her.

Although Connie hasn’t visited a plethora of countries like many of her counterparts, she makes her blogs so personal and friendly and her many accolades attest to this. She is a travel, lifestyle and fashion blogger definitely worth checking out.

Australian Travel Blogger: kisforkani.com

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