Journeys to Come

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Jun 2018

Journeys To Come - Australian travel blog

Catriona Rowntree is the famed face of Australian travel show ‘Getaway’. After studying journalism her passion for storytelling was born and through her reporting for ‘Getaway’, the travel bug was realised. ‘Journeys to Come’ is now her chance to engage her travel community and share their stories. With over twenty years of experience in travel, she is the perfect guide for destinations, travel hacks and the greatest deals.

The ‘Journeys to Come’ community are showcased in Catriona’s blog through guest traveller reviews and stories. For maximum engagement, ‘Catriona’s Check-In’ is a weekly feature where the philosophy of travel by Australia’s Most Travelled Woman is shared. This blog certainly has a flavour of luxury and sophistication. Catriona Rowntree is the face of travelling women in Australia and this community and blog certainly appeals to the masses.

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