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Author: | Last Updated: 6 Jun 2019

Journey Beyond the Horizon is a travel blog, focused on the geographical explorer’s passion and travel adventures. It presents some famous and popular destinations, but only from the geographical and historical point of view, as well as much further beyond the “horizon” of the popular places- off the beaten path areas and most challenging, extreme and wild regions on the Earth. A journey to the unknown.

Our blog is created in April 2018, by me- Krasen and my travel mate and spouse Ying Ying. We are currently residing in South China (Guangdong) with our two children. We haven’t visited too many countries yet- only 10 political states. But looking geographically, we don’t consider the political borders, we consider the geographical zones. For example- for us China is not only one country, but a few large geographical lands. And I have wrote about most of these visited lands on my blog.

The main reason to start our blog was to turn our passion for travel into a job, and the job into a travel. Since there are obviously many contradictions between the time & place limiting jobs, and the traveling, we were looking for something that could resolve these contradictions. And we found it. We found out how can make our travel valuable for others, and we enjoy doing it.

Staring far beyond the popular destinations, our favorite places are those places which are less visited, little known and little written about, in other blogs. Yes, these places are often difficult to access, because they are not touristy. But there you can have a fantastic experience in an incredibly beautiful environment. Eastern Tibet, Tianshan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, some remote islands of the Philippines, are only some of these amazing places.

But a large amount of our favorite places are waiting us to visit and write about. Among them I can mention Siberia in Russia, particularly its north, arctic part- Evenkia, Yakutia and Chukotka. The highest mountains on the Earth- we have been in Tianshan and Eastern Tibet, but there is much more- Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir, Kunlunshan, and the most challenging- the Chang Tang plateau- the uninhabited area in the northwest Tibet.

Then- Melanesia and Polynesia. But not Hawaii, not Bora-Bora, much further- Tuamotu, Kiribati, Tuvalu… In Africa- Sahara (but not Morocco, much deeper- in the center of Sahara!). What else? The interior of Antarctica and Greenland, the most isolated islands on the Earth- Bouvet, Kerguelen, Clipperton, etc. As well as many other much closer, but unknown places, hidden gems awaiting to be discovered.

And we are grateful that we can be a part of the travel blogging community. Everyone is unique, everyone is writing from his unique point of view. We are different, but one thing unites us- to write about the Earth and be valuable for others. We are also united by many other things, and one of them is I am really thankful for this amazing opportunity in our life!

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