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Author: | Last Updated: 20 Apr 2017

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João Leitao, a Portuguese visual artist, travel blogger with 16 years of travel experience that he is passionate about sharing with the world. Believing that travel allows you to incorporate the world into your own life, this is something that is meaningful to him. Learning everyday more and more about the world around him, he wanted to share this information with others to ensure that they can make the most out of their everyday. Joining the culture of those people and places that he would never have the opportunity to meet unless he had set out on this global voyage, moving from place to place as a nomad.

One of my favorite blogs by Joäo was ‘Feeding wild hyenas in Harar’. What a way to truly vacation in the most unexpected way. Travel is about an experience, of culture, of activities, this is certainly one unknown to most travelers. His photo during a ‘Hot air balloon ride in the Valley of the Kings’ is simply stunning. The view over Egypt is one that is breathtaking and definitely enticing. I would consider it, even with a fear of heights… seems like a great idea until I start to lift off the ground.

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