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Author: | Last Updated: 7 Aug 2016

Jessie On A Journey - Travel Blog

Jessie on a Journey was created in 2011 by its travel blogger Jessica (Jessie) Festa to inspire readers to see the world by traveling away from the guidebook. A New York native, Jessie graduated with a BA/MA in Communications and Rhetoric before realizing that world travel was more her style. The blog emphasizes immersive, cultural travel and embracing unexpected adventures. Jessie provides budgeting tips and offbeat experiences to round out Jessie on a Journey.

Following her rhetoric of immersive travel, Jessie writes about responsible tourism in articles like “Why You Should Avoid Orphanage Volunteer Programs” which talks about the potential harm that your “voluntourism” can cause. She hits on travel safety for solo travelers in her post “Essential Tips for the First-Time Solo Traveler” and “Travel Safety: Scary Encounters Abroad and What I’ve Learned from Them,” which recounts being attacked by dogs in Banos, Ecuador, and being caught in a tourist scam in Naples, Italy. Have no fear, though, as she gives advice on how to overcome scary situations.

Jessie writes in an easy-to-read, conversational tone that moves you along with her travel stories and tips. While the blog contains everything you could hope to read on offbeat travel, Jessie is also a certified New York City guide who would gladly take you through the city on one of her photo safaris.

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