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Author: | Last Updated: 4 Sep 2016

Inside The Travel Lab - travel blog

Inside the Travel Lab takes a new spin on travel blogging, focusing on what its founder, Abi, deems to be “thoughtful luxury travel.” The blog finds a sweet spot between conscientious and luxury travel, taking the best of both and combining them into useful advice. As a doctor-turned-writer, Abi also puts a realistic spin on how the wide world really operates.

The focus of Inside the Travel Lab is on the outside world instead of Abi’s personal discoveries of it. This makes the travel blog a great place to research “Best Places to Visit” on any continent. Each location described includes a mix of luxury and sensible travel tips, with descriptions of luxury hotels and lodging options. “Luxury camping: is it for you?” discusses the trend of glamping (glamourous camping) and how it can enhance a luxury travel experience. If you simply want to browse through Inside the Travel Lab, its extensive blog hits on (almost) every topic under the sun.

Inside the Travel Lab also presents reviews of different aspects of luxury travel, from business class treatment on various airlines to the most “Stylish travel bags for hand luggage, carry-on and on the ground”. With beautiful photography and thorough insights into traveling on all continents, Inside the Travel Lab makes “thoughtful luxury” the new chic.

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