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Author: | Last Updated: 20 Feb 2018

Hand Luggage Only - travel blog

Hand Luggage Only was born in a room at the University of Cambridge, “in what seemed like an oasis of calm between assignments”. The blog is a combination of travel stories and photography from two friends, Yaya and Lloyd, after realizing that they wanted to share their experiences with other travellers and have a two-way conversation about travel.

There are blog posts about life hacks, photography tips, travel advice, and the usual travel stories from all corners of the globe, written in a fun and witty way. Lately, they have been exploring the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, a lake town in Switzerland, and the streets of Vienna. Along with the written stories, you’ll often bump into some first-person videos compelling their trip’s highlights.

English Travel Blogger: handluggageonly.co.uk

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