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Author: | Last Updated: 4 Jun 2018

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Keyauni and I are a pretty unlikely team of travel bloggers.  I am a 50 plus mother of 4 and grandmother of 8. Keyauni is 30, and goes home to her puppies Ali and Layla.  We are well aware of the normal friction and stereotypes that often go on between our generations, but we make a great team.  Our quest to live our best lives, travel, and help others, bonds us.

We both faced a lot of adult situations and responsibilities at a very early age, and learned that working, paying bills and taking care of business was necessary to survive.  So we both have been working forever, and we both work a lot. When I say a lot, I mean well more than most Americans. While it challenges us, and gives us a lot of financial freedoms, it also ties us down and limits us in other ways.

One of the stories I tell in our About section is about waking up one morning and realizing that I had been saying I was going to see the world for over 30 years, and if I continued, it was never going to happen.  I made the decision that day two years ago, and since then I have traveled to 9 different states, including Hawaii, and 5 European countries. On my last trip to Europe, I visited an old friend in Germany, and it was sipping coffee in her garden that the idea of a travel blog was born.

Once I make a decision, I dive in full force, and flying home, that decision was made.  Three weeks later, Gypsy With a Day Job was live, with a cover page, and about page, and 1 post.  It was exciting, and I was telling everyone. Unfortunately, when starting a blog you learn that many people, including people you thought would be very supportive, don’t care. My balloon of excitement was deflating.  Then I told Keyauni! Suddenly, it was as if the universe had brought us together for this very purpose. A partnership was born. .

Our goal, at Gypsy With a Day Job is to remind everyone that work is not life!  Work is to pay for life. We want everyone to follow their dreams and live their passions, to be fulfilled. If traveling happens to be one of those passions, we want to be a source of information that helps.  When we write our articles we strive to give our readers enough information to inspire them, but also so they know everything they need to have a great experience in that destination, whether it is near or far.

Because of our work schedules, keeping up with the site is a huge challenge for us.  The good part of that is that our travels are always ahead of the site, so we will likely never run out of stories.  The fabulous part is, we know we are giving our readers information that helps them, and in some cases, that they can’t find anywhere else.  That feels great!

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