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Author: | Last Updated: 1 Apr 2017

Gotta Keep Movin travel blog

Be prepared to step into an unknown adventure with British female travel blogger, Emma Higgins. Creator of ‘Gotta Keep Movin’ a travel website and annual print journal, Emma plants herself into a country for an entire year, embracing all that the culture has to offer. Her journey began after setting off to India, a country where her eyes were opened and she recognized the beauty behind the stories of others. Fueled by the power of storytelling, GKM was born. Her gentle yet exciting conversational style of writing ensures that we feel involved in her travels.

Within her blogs, my attention was taken by, ‘Walking the Causeway Coast Way in Northern Ireland.’ She captures the rugged, rustic beauty of the coastline in a way that can only be experienced by standing on one of the very cliff edges that is portrayed in her blog. The Causeway Coast is truly a place of breathtaking beauty. ‘Portuguese street artist Vhils’ is a beguiling blog that shows off the work of Vhils in a way that collaborates the expression, culture and beauty behind his work. Emma invites us in to truly grasp something magnificent in the way she tells Vhils artistic story.

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