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Author: | Last Updated: 12 Feb 2018

Go Eat Do - travel blog

Go Eat Do is a travel and food blog written by Stuart Forster. The focus of Go Eat Do is the experiences that Stuart has enjoyed while travelling and recommends to others. Posts range from interviews with chefs (providing insights into regional cuisine) to reports about activities, ranging from cycling to driving tours.

Stuart is based in the north-east of England and has experience of living in Germany, India and Portugal. He enjoys exploring cultural issues and heritage by talking with local people. He sees travelling as a way of expanding his horizons and better understanding the world.

Stuart was the winner of the 2017 British Annual Canada Travel Award for Best Online Coverage for a feature about a close encounter with polar bears that was posted on Go Eat Do. He’s also twice been named Journalist of the Year at the Holland Press Awards, for his body of writing about the Netherlands.

He believes that choosing a favourite destination is tough because every destination has to be embraced for what it is and what it offers rather than being compared to other places. Nonetheless, Stuart rates visiting the Seal River Heritage Lodge in Manitoba, Canada, very highly. The guides there are wildlife experts who provide a wealth of information about polar bears that inhabit the tundra. While out with them one polar bear walked to within 10 metres of the group, enabling Stuart (who isn’t sure if he was shaking from adrenalin or the cold) to capture some close-ups of the bear. He suggests that visitors the this subarctic region of Canada pack plenty of warm clothing and spare camera batteries, to ensure they never miss a phot opportunity.

In terms of places with friendly locals, Stuart was very impressed by the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. When meandering along Gower Street in St John’s, the provincial capital, on a sunny summer’s day — admiring the colourful facades of the houses — Stuart got into separate conversations with several residents and was even invited in to take a look at the interior of one of the heritage houses: something that might have been a bit creepy if it had been anywhere else in the world. Stuart recommends that travellers heading to Newfoundland and Labrador go ready to embrace the warmth of the local hospitality.

When he’s not travelling internationally, Stuart enjoys exploring destinations closer to home. He regularly heads out for walks in Northumberland, England’s most northerly county, and to visit heritage buildings in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and other cities in the region. Lots of people visit Newcastle for its nightlife, and the city does have some tremendous pubs: Stuart suggests heading to the rooftop of the castle that gives the city its name for a look about before a night out.

“I’d love people to follow me on my travels by checking out my blog and social media feeds. Feel free to comment and interact,” says Stuart, whose next trips are domestic journeys, to Yorkshire and then London.

Below are some photos from the Go Eat Do travel blog:

Colouful houses on Gower Street in St John’s Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

The castle in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Polar bear in undergrowth near Seal River Heritage Lodge in Manitoba, Canada

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