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Author: | Last Updated: 22 Oct 2016

GlobalMouse Travels - Family Travel Blog

Global Mouse Travels follows the adventures of Nichola West and her family of four on this UK-based family travel blog. The blog is packed with all of the destinations that her family (whose youngest member is only two years old) has visited. Interesting snippets fill the pages of the blog and discuss the best ways to manage travelling with your entire family.

The best starting place in Global Mouse Travels is Nichola’s “Bucket List.” Continuously updated, she links to posts when she has completed an item. List items include “Listen to jazz in Havana,” “Take a camel ride through the Valley of the Kings, Egypt,” and “Visit Father Christmas in Lapland” to name a few. And those are just the ones the West family has already done. The list is comprehensive and inspiring in and of itself.

Of course, as a family travel blogger Nichola also gears her posts toward travelling with kids and includes posts like “Top 10 things to do in Moscow, Russia with children.” If you previously thought that taking your kids around the world with you would be impossible, Global Mouse Travels is sure to convince you otherwise.

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