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Author: | Last Updated: 6 Jun 2017

Global Help Swap - English travel bloggers

In a relationship since 2008, Karen Sargent and Paul Farrugia are the English travel bloggers behind the responsible travel blog, On a quest to seek out the best, and yet responsible, experiences around the world, the duo have amassed a strong following. Initially founded to promote free volunteering, Paul and Karen soon realised that not all volunteering opportunities are of benefit to the people they claim to support and so they changed their tact., thus, has evolved into a blog that aims to gain enrichment from travel whilst protecting the world and its inhabitants at the same time.

Whilst there is clearly an onus on responsible travel with articles such as ‘Why the tourism industry has to change and how you can help it do so’ offering up the twosome’s thoughts on how the travel industry can change for the better, there is also an abundance of ‘lighter’ posts like ‘The Quiet Side of Ibiza’, albeit with the notion of responsible travel ever-present.

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