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Author: | Last Updated: 8 Jun 2019

Lesley is a travel enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and aspiring retiree! Freedom56travel was established in 2018 when Lesley realized that her dream of early retirement was coming sooner than she realized. With a love of writing and an enduring curiosity about the world, she has traveled extensively while working 9-5 and is looking forward to making traveling her full time job.

With Vancouver as a home base, Lesley travels frequently to Europe and around North America, with Copenhagen and London her favourite destinations so far. A notable trip was to Beijing in 2008 when her dream of walking on the Great Wall of China was finally realized! Lesley is a theatre lover and travels frequently to New York City to enjoy the best performances on Broadway

Lesley loves motorcycle touring with her partner Ross, and together they have ridden more than 50,000 kilometres throughout Canada and the United States.

Freedom56travel focuses on providing extensive and information-focused travel advice to mid-life travelers, with a bit of motorcycling and travel hacking weaved into the mix.

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