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Author: | Last Updated: 16 Jul 2016

Food and the Fabulous - Travel Blog

Food and the Fabulous is a food and travel blog full of South African culinary information so if you enjoy experiencing local food on your holiday, this site provides loads of interesting tips and ideas. One of its bloggers, Ishay Govender-Ypma, is a freelance food and culture journalist as well as explorer and cook and brings a fascinating slant to the subject, explaining how food can help you to understand cultural behaviours. Ishay was chosen by the Mail & Guardian as one of their 200 Top Young South African bloggers in 2014 and has plenty for you to read about favourite recipes!

South Africa’s food history incorporates a wonderful mix of Malay, English, Indian, Dutch, Afrikaans and French cuisine and is definitely an eater’s delight. Food and the Fabulous offer food tours of Cape Town and can be tailored to your interest, and include tour durations from one day to a whole week. With the opportunity to visit the food markets and talk with local farmers or simply chat with the kitchen cooks and see their food preparation, exploring foodandthefabulous travel blog is truly a foodies dream!

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