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Flying The Nest travel blogger

The creators of the travel blog Flying The Nest are Stephen and Jess – A couple that has a true passion for travel, photography and creating film. As with many budding nomadic couples, Jess and Stephen quit their full-time jobs and have been traveling the world together since 2014 – They share their adventures with the world and their blog is packed full of sublime photography and interesting tales.

Jess and Stephen have traveled across five continents and a myriad of countries including Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Scotland, Barbados, Vanuatu, Australia, and Fiji. Memorable journeys include island hopping through Cambodia and placing live tarantulas on their face, exploring the fairytale Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria and  Zip lining in the canopied forests of St. Lucia. Flying the Nest will enlighten you on the world of travel and give you advice and inspiration. Expect to find a host of useful tips concerning living abroad, inspirational articles on creating bucket lists, and advice on blogging and photography.

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