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Author: | Last Updated: 29 Jun 2019

My name is Alison Netzer, in 2018 I decided to start a blog dedicated to family travel. I was tired of hearing friends and people in general say they couldn’t travel with kids because their kids were to young or they may not transition properly. Travel is the best gift you can give to kids. Travel creates the best memories as a family. Travel gives you an opportunity to bond and connect as a family. There may be times that things don’t go as planned, but that’s ok, it’s part of the experience and growth, it’s problem solving and learning at its core.

I started traveling at a young age. My first big trip was to China in high school, right after they opened their borders to tourism. It was life altering. It was red China and much of our trip was dictated by government, but I loved it and craved more. I continued my travels in high school to Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada.

In college, I spent a year abroad in Spain, and took any opportunity to travel to other countries in Europe. I even made my first trip to Israel during this time. After my higher education career, I landed a job that took me throughout Latin America and South America.

When I met my husband our very first conversation was about travel. It was interest at first sight and love at first sight. We soon began to travel together and found that we were great travel companions. We loved to explore, eat a lot, immerse ourselves in a countries culture the best we could and then plan for our next destination. Together, before kids, we travelled through Spain, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Israel, and three weeks on our honeymoon eating our way through Italy.

We promised each other we would keep travelling once our kids were born. Now with our three wonderful kids, we take them with us wherever we go. Since the time they were babies, they have gone to wonderful destinations and seen amazing sights and tried amazing foods and have been exposed to new cultures and lifestyles.

As a family we have traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Israel, Mexico, Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, France, Iceland, Thailand, and Cambodia. Our next stop is Peru.

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