Everyday Wanderer

Author: | Last Updated: 5 Jun 2019

After growing up living all over the United States and Europe, Sage Scott writes her travel blog with a midlife traveler’s perspective from America’s Heartland. From Kansas City, the Midwestern city affectionately called the Paris of the Plains (and the undisputed Barbeque Capital of the World), Sage shares her experiences and provides helpful travel tips on her blog, Everyday Wanderer.

Sage was bitten by the travel bug as a preschooler when her family moved abroad for the first time. Raised in the nomadic lifestyle well-known to military brats, she loved the many travel and educational opportunities it provided. While most American 8th graders read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, not every American school kid gets to then visit the home where Anne hid during World War II. While many American high school students study a foreign language, very few have the opportunity to regularly visit France to soak up the culture and develop their skills with native speakers.

Because Sage has lived abroad and traveled frequently traveled as an adult — both for work and pleasure — she understand the tremendous benefits of travel. But as a single mom with four kids, three cats, two dogs, and a mortgage, Sage also knows that not everyone is in a position to travel the world for a living. Everyday Wanderer is a travel blog for people with wanderlust and a real life.

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