Emily Luxton

Author: | Last Updated: 21 Jun 2017

Emily Luxton - English Travel Blogger

Currently of no fixed address, nomadic Emily Luxton is the highly-awarded English travel blogger behind the eponymous blog, EmilyLuxton.co.uk. Having been named Travel Blogger of the Year on four occasions, Emily has accumulated a mass of followers, both through her blog and her social media channels. Focusing on ‘deeper, more intelligent’ travelling, she is constantly on the lookout for a good story for her blog, quite often finding it through intriguing interactions with locals around the world.

Choosing to focus on creating stories and memories rather than simply visiting as many countries as possible, Emily prefers to take it slow and engage in ‘deep’ traveling as previously mentioned. This, in turn, leads to series of posts such as her ‘Eat Like A Local’ and ‘Tour With Local’ series, each offering up experiences that she, likely, wouldn’t have had if she didn’t take her time when travelling. Despite not visiting as many countries as other travel bloggers, posts like ‘Holi In Rishikesh 2016’ – an account of her time celebrating the Holi festival in India – offer up unique insights that are loved by her readers, her many accolades attesting to that also.

English Travel Blog: emilyluxton.co.uk

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