Elle Goes Global

Author: | Last Updated: 14 Jan 2021

Established in 2018, Elle Goes Global is the travel and food blog of, well, Elle, a travel blogger from England. Based out of Berkshire, Elle started her website from her love of cooking, traveling, and writing. She wrote many holiday diaries as she traveled the world, including a city guide for Rome at the tender age of 8. Her website is designed to make her readers happy, to offer travel trips and information on destinations, and entertain while inspiring others to live the traveling lifestyle.

Elle Goes Global is chock full of information about short day trips, traveling on a shoestring budget and suggestions for the best food locations across the world. She even includes recipes for her readers to try on their own, food guides, motivational posts, and advice on staying well. There is even a guest blog section where travelers can learn even more about the world they wish to visit.

UK Travel Blog: ellegoesglobal.co.uk

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