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Author: | Last Updated: 24 Jul 2016

Don't Forget To Move - Travel Blog

Are you environmentally conscious, love to volunteer, and cannot wait to start traveling?! Then Don’t Forget to Move is for you! This blog is managed by an awesome duo who are dedicated to responsible travel and cannot wait to share their experiences with you. Their motto is “move with a purpose” and it’s easy to see why because these two do just that!

Jules and Christine are the go-to gurus on combining safety, humanitarianism, and eco-friendliness. The couple are both vegetarians, international volunteers and truly believe in living a green life. They have been aiming to positively impact communities since 2012. They have made a difference in many locations such as South East Asia, North America, Central America, and South America. Not only are they doing their part to create a peaceful and positive world community but they write all about their experiences so you can learn from their trips! They bring to the table a great resource to get packing lists and travel advice from both a male and female point of view.

And if by chance you happen to be interested in starting your own travel blog, these two can even help you with that! Jules and Christine talk about the behind the scenes of writing a travel blog! Everything from how to choose a blog name to the more tech savvy endeavors such as getting your pages noticed through google search. They spill tons of juicy secrets on how to successfully upkeep a blog.

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