Department of Wandering

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Dec 2018

The Department of Wandering aims to go beyond what the average guidebook would and to reach people who want to take new paths in life. It is a travel and lifestyle platform directed to design-conscious travellers, as well as those who wish to step away from the 9-5 world, into the realm of freelancing and blogging. The blog was born when Rachel – a Melbourne-born writer and editor living in Berlin – had too much of the soul-sucking routine and decided to live a less-restricted life instead.

As you browse down the many sections of the website, you’re guided through some of Rachel’s travel tales from places like Cambodia, Croatia, and Chile. There are hotel and tour reviews; interviews; daily inspiring quotes; and tips about handling your money on the road. The blog also offers E-Courses on blogging and free blogging resources for those interested in diving deep into a non-9-5 lifestyle.

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