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Dan Flying Solo travel blog

Dan has certainly seen a great deal of the world and has an insatiable drive as a travel blogger, web designer, and photographer. Dan was born and bred in the UK but has worked for many years as a web designer in many different countries including Scotland, Portugal, and Australia. He simply loves exploring new places and interacting with the locals, and when he is not doing that, he will be taking some mind-blowing photographs. Dan Flying Solo documents his solo travels and more recently allows you to dictate where he travels through his #SayYes2017 campaign.

This budding digital entrepreneur has traveled extensively around Asia, India, and Europe and has visited such countries as Sri Lanka, Singapore, Iceland, Montenegro and Israel. He has celebrated new years in Iceland, photographed the delightful Cinque Terra region of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and took a hot air balloon ride over the ancient temples of Bagan. Dan’s blog is simply stunning and his photographic skill is undeniable; his shots are superb and his stories and tips will give you a greater insight into the world of travel.

Travel Blogger from the UK: danflyingsolo.com

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